Job description

We’re seeking an experienced digital marketing expert to join our team. You will focus on paid marketing programs. This is a high visibility role with direct impact to business performance.

Marketing Manager/Director

Job description

We’re looking for a full-time BizDev/Sales person to work closely with the Founders and Marketing Manager. The primary responsibility will be to drive lead conversion, deal flow and ultimately revenue. This role is quota based and compensation is structured partially with commission. 

Business Development Rep

Job description

Our software plugs into the existing real estate market via broker-quality data feeds and a network of local real estate agents. We have a web/app feed that helps users house shop and book showings, a back office dashboard that helps agents manage transactions, and several support tools that we use to test and iterate our product.

Software Developer

Job description

We're looking for in-house Agents in Atlanta and Miami. For this role, you'll be hanging your license with our brokerage and working primarily with leads that we provide to you. We do not charge desk fees or transaction fees like you'd find with a typical brokerage.

Real Estate Agent

9am-7pm ET every day

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